Future of semantic searching

There are several companies currently working on creating semantic search engines. If they succeed, it will be a huge advancement for web browsing; users will no longer have sort through pages based on statistics and their results will be in order of actual relevancy, not popularity.

The question still remains, why, exactly, is semantic searching so much better?

Semantic searching is using a near-human comprehension of words and language to give the user exactly what he is looking for. Therefore, by typing the phrase "What role did the Madonna play in modern religion?", the search engine would understand the user meant the Christian saint Madonna and not turn up results on the popular singer. If this can be perfected, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, semantic searching technologies are still a ways off. No one is sure how long it will take, whether it be a few months, a few years or a decade. Whether or not they replace common search engines will be largely up to the marketing and promoting of the sites because it is without a doubt that they will be better and turn out more relevant results. It is, however, almost definite that semantic searching will be available for use in the near future.

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